Leaf Series

Leaf 29

I don’t know what to call this…Leaf Series. It’s something I’ve been editing for a month. It’s nothing complicated. I’ve been just trying to get rid of all the dirt and dust that is picked up by scanning. I have a few that I’ve finished editing so I just need to assemble the photos and publish it. And I’m thinking of how I should print them. I want to try out printing the photos on metal. I know Costco does it but for a pretty penny. I’m not sure if it would be worth the investment. Would I sell the prints? Or just hang it around the house? Maybe I should try out regular paper prints first.


The Most Majestic Shit Ever

The sun was starting to set when I got off work yesterday and holy shit, the sky was the most beautiful damn thing I had ever seen. I debated whether or not I should go to my usual spot and sky gaze. And I’m so glad to told myself to just go.

This picture does no justice.
This is how the sky looked behind me.
This was posted onto Instagram.

I spent about 30 minutes there…just witnessing how the sun played with the clouds. And watching the clouds move OMG. I absolutely LOVE watching clouds move. Here’s a video I took. I tried my hardest not to move or breathe haha