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Random Rambles V

Death by Frost

I went outside to grab some Thai basil that grows in my mom’s garden and ended up going back inside disappointed. I forgot that it was winter.

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Coldplay – In My Place

I inactively searched for this song for at least three years haha. I don’t know…I decided to Google “Coldplay’s most popular songs” and clicked through at least 12 songs to finally find it.

Tomorrow, my dear friend Melanie is graduating and I am so happy for her. I can only stay until her name is called and then bounce because I’ll be leaving for SF for the weekend with my sisters. I’m super excited but I know that it’s going to be an exhausting day.

This was really random but I just wanted to share a few things. I’m getting tired.

Random Rambles

Happy Halloween!

The last time I went trick-or-treating, I was a sophomore in high school. I went with a friend who lived around the corner. We were those punkass teenagers that went around without a costume asking for candy haha.

We never had costumes when we were little, my siblings and I. There were simply too many of us. Sometimes we’d come up with our own shit though. I think one year I made myself a “flower girl” by wearing a t-shirt with flower patterns haha. Another year I had white costume make up and wrote”loser” on my forehead. That was hella lame.

Anyway, I went to a party at a friend’s house this past Saturday and ended up being a “dead panda”. I originally wanted to do this totally complicated look that I found on youtube.

The teeth did not come out right because I had that cheap white cream makeup. And I just couldn’t get the lips correct. Even the eye makeup was hard haha.

I’ve forgotten to take a selfie so this will have to do:



Random Rambles

Random Rambles IV

That fucking Hyukoh post is so goddamn cringy. I sound like a fangirling fangirl haha. I’m too old for that shit. I was thinking of taking it down or making it private but you know what, it’s part of my cringy life so I’ll just leave it up haha.

I’m trying to get back into photography or just taking photos in general, which is why there’s been an abundance of “Photo of the Day” posts. I post similar photos on my public Instagram account too but no text. I just feel like writing text here than on there.

It’s currently 1:14AM and I have work in the morning. Fuck, I hate work. I don’t really want to talk shit about it because it’s a state position but fuck, I hate it. I can’t wait to leave but yet, I’m not really doing anything to make it happen? I’m so lazy.

And I have to start a bucket list. I’m not getting any younger. “Things I Want to do Before I Turn 30”? Here’s a start:

  1. Move out!
  2. See snow? (IDK. I want to do a project with that.)
  3. Get my work into a gallery
  4. Visit the east coast
  5. Go camping (I don’t care for it, but a friend suggested it.)
  6. Go to a strip club

I’ve been binge listening to The Black Skirts (well, only 4 songs).



“Who Do You Love”


I cannot find anything English translation so I have no idea what it’s about, but it sounds good.

And I’ve been hooked to a song by an artist called Car, the Garden. More info

Ugh, so fucking good. I LOVE the bridge? (1:51) Sorry I really don’t know music terms.

I need someone to dedicate these songs too haha

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Random Rambles III

Long time no blog! It’s been a little over a month since my last entry so here’s a life update.

I’ve applied to a few jobs. Well, technically just one, but I have a few applications I need to submit. There’s something wrong with the electronic system so I’m going to wait until Monday to fully submit the apps. At least I’m going somewhere instead of just laying around doing nothing. I also took a test that allowed me to obtain a typing certificate. I scored 72 GWPM (gross words per minute). Not bad. I seen some applications that required a certificate so I decided to take the test.

I splurged on a new printer last month because I wanted to try out some scanography. I already have a printer but it’s part of a printer. And the thing with that is that it won’t work unless there’s ink in the printer which is absolutely ridiculous. So I purchased a separate scanner. I bought an Epson V39. It’s working well. But I’m having problems with the constant streaks that appear on screen. No matter how much I clean the glass, there’s always streaks. Maybe my cloth is too wet? Or maybe I should unplug the device like all websites that I’ve been researched say to heehee. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I first made an attempt to scan my face but it was not pretty, so I ended up doing my hair instead.
Leaves from a plant that’s right outside my bedroom window.
Lily petals
Lily petals from a cheap bouquet I purchased during Valentine’s.
A daisy from the same bouquet .

I’ve seen other examples of scanography that people have created and they’re so perfectly clear. I’m trying to figure out how to get there. Maybe lots of Photoshop? I still need to work on the cleaning part.

I’ve got a new list of books I wish to read:
– The Boy in Striped Pajamas
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
– 419

I’ve already watch the film to The Boy in Striped Pajamas and it messed me up for a bit lol. My sister has read The Five People You Meet in Heaven and I assume it’s nice read since she never reads. I randomly came across 419 on a forum as a recommendation.

These past few days/weeks have been absolutely gorgeous so I decided to play Pokemon Go again. I haven’t touched it since last summer and I’m hooked! Anything to get me outside and active I’ll do. I usually go to the same park that I go to whenever I want some nature lol. Here’s two pictures that I posted on Instagram while I was Pokemon hunting:

I don’t think these blossoms are there anymore.
It was a really nice day.

I’ve been binge watching a lot of episodes of a South Korean variety TV show called 1 Night 2 Days aka 1N2D aka Ilback Il. It’s a cast of 6 celebrity men who go around South Korea and become tourists. They learn about the area, its history, and what it’s known for. They win games to try out local cuisines for lunch and dinner and losers usually face having to starve or sleep outside. It’s fun to watch and everyone has great chemistry.

Speaking of South Korea, there are two Youtubers that are South Korean based that I’ve been constantly watching: Joan Kim and CariCakez. Joan Kim is a Korean American that creates K-Beauty makeup videos and has a separate Youtube account for her daily vlogs. She was recently staying in SF for the past few weeks so her vlogs have been based in that general area. CariCakez is an American (I think she’s Irish?) who lives in Seoul and vlogs and shares some experiences she’s had while living there. She goes to a lot of cafes. A LOT. I don’t really care for cafes but she’s such a bright person and speaks very well.

So I’ve been obesessed with Jessica Jung’s style lately. It’s so simple yet so chic! She’ll wear a simple t-shirt tucked into her skinny jeans and loafers and she makes it look so fashionable. But of course she wears nothing but expensive name brands. So I bought two pairs of loafers and I’m trying to find some nice button tops lol. It’s her body shape that makes it look so good as well.

I really like her shirt.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

Random Rambles

Random Rambles II

I found a journal entry that I wrote on August 19, 2015 that I wanted to share:

“Long time no write! School is starting in less than 2 weeks! I can’t wait, but then I can. I have mixed feelings. 75% can’t wait, 25% can wait. I’m just tired of just going to work and then coming home. I hope I’m not like this after I graduate. That would be extremely SAD! I’m going to need to be on my toes at all time. All summer, I haven’t touched my camera. I will for sure go this Friday. I really want to try out my ND filters that I’ve just purchased.

I’ve been spending a lot of my money this summer and it’s not good! Especially since I barely have hours and I don’t accept the ones that are offered. I suck. I need to suck it up and just go to work. But I hate it! I didn’t want to be there for  5 years, but I’m going to admit defeat and stay there until I can get a state job which can allow me to move out + support my parents!”

How awful that what I didn’t want after graduation…came true! It’s been a year and a half since I wrote that and life hasn’t really changed. I need to get my shit together and work something out. I need to start something. I need to change something.

My browser was opened for two days with a job posting and job application open…and I didn’t finish filling it out. I’m a lazy piece of shit! And my sister was the one who sent that job posting to me.

A question that’s been on repeat in my mind for a few weeks now is: “Leslie, do you even take yourself seriously?” I guess not. I guess I don’t. What will it take to take myself seriously?

A few nights ago, I went out to meet some friends who I hadn’t seen in months. One friend ask, “Leslie, what do you love? What makes you happy?”

I said, “I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve been in a slum since I graduated.” (I just looked up what slum meant and I didn’t even use it correctly! It was completely the wrong word to use. WTF was I thinking?!)

Well, one thing I’m hoping to accomplish tonight or tomorrow morning (since it’s already 1AM) is make a completely, much need new résumé.

Random Rambles

“CL in San Francisco” Part II

I never meant for this post to have a second part, but I thought about it last week and realized I barely talked about the concert even though the blog title makes it seem like it was going to be all about it.

More time was spent sharing what I had done prior. Japantown, eating, Chinatown…I guess those were the highlights of that day instead of CL. Maybe I should have changed the title to “San Francisco + CL”.

Random Rambles

Random Haikus

When I was bored at school, I’d write haikus about how I was feeling during class. And then I began to write seriously, like sit down and actually write, outside of school, but it didn’t last very long. So here is what I wrote at school:

In my modern British drama class that was after lunch:

I am so tired
please just let me go to sleep
I need to poop

I ate Baja Fresh
some burrito on my shirt
mushy rice and cheese

Overslept today
no makeup and dirty face
breath mints replace toothbrush

My feet are sweaty
they are very stinky too
feels so hot and gross

I am so damn screwed
so much damn shit due next week
holy crap oh no

American art history, also after lunch:

My tummy feels weird
caramel macchiato
why so expensive?

At home:

Why does it rain now?
Not going out anymore
oh I am so bored

Ate so much today
Indian, Chinese, ice cream
get fat with your friends

Sleep deprived all day
but I ate a lot at school
Pulp Fiction was good

Okay that’s all I’ve written. I thought I had more, especially written during American art history but I guess not. And earlier this year, I read part of “how to write a haiku” book and found out that haikus are supposed to be about nature and shit. I’m sure a simple google search could have just told me that, but since I had to do research