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Random Rambles V

Death by Frost

I went outside to grab some Thai basil that grows in my mom’s garden and ended up going back inside disappointed. I forgot that it was winter.

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Coldplay – In My Place

I inactively searched for this song for at least three years haha. I don’t know…I decided to Google “Coldplay’s most popular songs” and clicked through at least 12 songs to finally find it.

Tomorrow, my dear friend Melanie is graduating and I am so happy for her. I can only stay until her name is called and then bounce because I’ll be leaving for SF for the weekend with my sisters. I’m super excited but I know that it’s going to be an exhausting day.

This was really random but I just wanted to share a few things. I’m getting tired.

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September 15 – Hyukoh in San Francisco


It’s gonna be a long one!

Hyukoh in 2015? L to R: Lee In Woo (drums), Oh Hyuk (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Lim Hyun Je (lead guitar), Im Dong Geun (bassist)

I found out they were coming to San Francisco three weeks after tickets went on sale! I randomly when onto Oh Hyuk’s Instagram because I used to follow him but just wanted to see what’s up. He promoted his tour with this poster:


I freaked out and bought a ticket. There were only two options: VIP, which was already sold out, and general, which I obviously got. And it was only $60! So cheap! I asked Melanie if she listened to them but she doesn’t, so I was attending this one solo. And renting a car was a must. My bucket would not make it to SF for sure!

I constantly debated whether to go or not. I would be by myself. In the city. At night. It was a stressful and terrifying thought haha! My sister Vickie told me just to go and “live a little” since I already bought the tickets with a no refund option. I eventually forgot about it until the week of when I received an email reminder. I was pumped up this time.

I had to take that Friday off of work to grab my rental and head out. I wanted a small compact car, but Enterprise didn’t have anymore so they gave me a fatass Ford Explorer. I was a bit terrified but reminded myself that I drove a van in San Jose, so I should be good haha.

The day before, I asked my sister Donna if I could chill at her place before the concert since she lived in the bay. My original plan was to go to the SF MoMA since I’ve never been there since it reopened, but I didn’t want to pay for parking and wander around aimlessly afterwards. Donna also suggested that I take the BART to SF and not actually drive into the crazy city. With the fatass vehicle I got, driving to SF was definitely not an option.

So I did that and got off at the Powell station. I meant to take a Lyft to the venue, but wanted to walk a couple blocks where it was less crazy. It didn’t get any less crazy and ended up just walking to the venue. I walked for 20 minutes. I was exhausted. And since I was by myself, I was damn bored too. There was 1 1/2 hours to go before the doors opened. When it did open, there was another 30 minute wait. But I didn’t mind. I was super close to the front!

There were songs playing during the wait. The last song that was played was The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” And then it began.

I was pretty damn close!

Hyukoh started off with “Tokyo Inn” and that lead into “Comes and Goes.” After that, I honestly could not remember which order they played the rest of their songs. I’ll go off this list from their set in New York. (Songs with * is what I remember them playing. The songs in bold are my absolute ABSOLUTE favorites! More on those in another post.)

  1. Tokyo Inn*
  2. Comes and Goes*
  3. Leather Jacket*
  4. Panda Bear
  5. 2002 World Cup
  6. Wanli* (Please watch the MV!!!)
  7. Masitnonsoul*
  8. Jesus lived in a motel room*
  9. Die Alone*
  10. Mer*
  11. Gondry*
  12. TOMBOY* (Please watch the MV!!!)
  13. Simon*
  14. Reserved Seat
  15. Paul
  16. Hooka (Encore)*
  17. Wi Ing Wi Ing (Encore)*
  18. Surf Boy (Encore)

There were some technical difficulties and their instruments kept going out of tune but that didn’t effect the environment. Hyuk was speaking English and Korean, said something in Chinese. Honestly I couldn’t really understand what he said in English. I know for sure he said it was their first time in San Francisco and they sold out the venue. Woo! Later on Instagram, someone posted that he said he was shy haha.

The other members Dong Geun and Hyun Je went to the mic while the crew was fixing whatever needed to be fixed and spoke English, but all I got was “Thank you.” Maybe my ears are going bad? When the crew had to fix whatever needed fixing again, I think I zoned out and stared at Dong Geun because he was the closest member to my side. Maybe other people did the same and prompted him to wave to the crowd? Haha! It made everyone cheer.

The concert when on and it was just absolutely breath taking. My first rock concert lol. I still can’t believe I saw them in person! Oh Hyuk and his shaved head. Im Dong Geun and his long hair. Lee In Woo and his bucket hat. And Lim Hyun Je and his orange mullet? All playing their instruments. LIVE. IN FRONT OF ME. And I completely forgot I was alone lol.

One thing that I was really looking forward to was seeing them wearing their over sized suits. I think their suits are charming! But it was so damn hot in that venue. I saw them constantly wipe off their sweat.

Over sized suits!

I didn’t take many pictures. I didn’t want to. I needed to capture their every action in my head. I wanted to create memories that only I would be able to indulge in. But here are a few that I did take:

Poor quality but I am in love with this photo. (Oh Hyuk)
Lee In Woo

I guess that’s all I took? Haha.

I couldn’t get any photos of Hyun Je or Dong Geun. Hyun Je was on the other side of the stage, too far. Although Dong Geun was in front of me, people’s heads were in the way and the speaker blocked his body. He was just a floating head. Maybe I should I have taken a picture of that haha.

Before they physically left the stage, Oh Hyuk said he wanted to take a group photo with the audience. After that, Oh Hyuk and Dong Geun exited towards my side! I was so close to them! I was able to stretch my hand out but I guess they’re not the type of people to give high fives lol. And I really wanted a guitar pick but Dong Geun ended up throwing his to the middle of the crowd. Damn him! Haha. It all went by so fast. I just remember Dong Geun cheesing lol

After the concert ended, I immediately left to the BART station. I was deadass tired. 4 1/2 hours of standing? My left ear was sore as fuck too. When I got back to Donna’s place and reviewed my night, my ass was WIDE AWAKE! Or maybe it was that large coke that I bought at Burger King. And of course I had to wait for the members to post something about the concert on Instagram. Only two of them posted the group picture while Oh Hyuk posted the recording he did of the crowding singing the “Oh oh oh oh oh” part of “TOMBOY”. ❤

Dong Geun’s account
Hyun Je’s account

It turned out to be a really good picture of them and the crowd. The lighting was fantastic. BUT! I did not make the cut!!! I stood in the far right! I couldn’t help but be a little heartbroken lol.

The concert was totally worth it. It was worth the $60 on the rental even though I actually didn’t really need it because the drive wasn’t that bad. It was worth smelling the weed at the BART station. It was worth stepping in the puke at the BART station (yes I did that. It was orange). It was worth standing for 4+ hours plus standing in the hotass venue. It was worth my left ear getting sore. IT WAS WORTH IT!