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September 15 – Hyukoh in San Francisco


It’s gonna be a long one!

Hyukoh in 2015? L to R: Lee In Woo (drums), Oh Hyuk (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Lim Hyun Je (lead guitar), Im Dong Geun (bassist)

I found out they were coming to San Francisco three weeks after tickets went on sale! I randomly when onto Oh Hyuk’s Instagram because I used to follow him but just wanted to see what’s up. He promoted his tour with this poster:


I freaked out and bought a ticket. There were only two options: VIP, which was already sold out, and general, which I obviously got. And it was only $60! So cheap! I asked Melanie if she listened to them but she doesn’t, so I was attending this one solo. And renting a car was a must. My bucket would not make it to SF for sure!

I constantly debated whether to go or not. I would be by myself. In the city. At night. It was a stressful and terrifying thought haha! My sister Vickie told me just to go and “live a little” since I already bought the tickets with a no refund option. I eventually forgot about it until the week of when I received an email reminder. I was pumped up this time.

I had to take that Friday off of work to grab my rental and head out. I wanted a small compact car, but Enterprise didn’t have anymore so they gave me a fatass Ford Explorer. I was a bit terrified but reminded myself that I drove a van in San Jose, so I should be good haha.

The day before, I asked my sister Donna if I could chill at her place before the concert since she lived in the bay. My original plan was to go to the SF MoMA since I’ve never been there since it reopened, but I didn’t want to pay for parking and wander around aimlessly afterwards. Donna also suggested that I take the BART to SF and not actually drive into the crazy city. With the fatass vehicle I got, driving to SF was definitely not an option.

So I did that and got off at the Powell station. I meant to take a Lyft to the venue, but wanted to walk a couple blocks where it was less crazy. It didn’t get any less crazy and ended up just walking to the venue. I walked for 20 minutes. I was exhausted. And since I was by myself, I was damn bored too. There was 1 1/2 hours to go before the doors opened. When it did open, there was another 30 minute wait. But I didn’t mind. I was super close to the front!

There were songs playing during the wait. The last song that was played was The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” And then it began.

I was pretty damn close!

Hyukoh started off with “Tokyo Inn” and that lead into “Comes and Goes.” After that, I honestly could not remember which order they played the rest of their songs. I’ll go off this list from their set in New York. (Songs with * is what I remember them playing. The songs in bold are my absolute ABSOLUTE favorites! More on those in another post.)

  1. Tokyo Inn*
  2. Comes and Goes*
  3. Leather Jacket*
  4. Panda Bear
  5. 2002 World Cup
  6. Wanli* (Please watch the MV!!!)
  7. Masitnonsoul*
  8. Jesus lived in a motel room*
  9. Die Alone*
  10. Mer*
  11. Gondry*
  12. TOMBOY* (Please watch the MV!!!)
  13. Simon*
  14. Reserved Seat
  15. Paul
  16. Hooka (Encore)*
  17. Wi Ing Wi Ing (Encore)*
  18. Surf Boy (Encore)

There were some technical difficulties and their instruments kept going out of tune but that didn’t effect the environment. Hyuk was speaking English and Korean, said something in Chinese. Honestly I couldn’t really understand what he said in English. I know for sure he said it was their first time in San Francisco and they sold out the venue. Woo! Later on Instagram, someone posted that he said he was shy haha.

The other members Dong Geun and Hyun Je went to the mic while the crew was fixing whatever needed to be fixed and spoke English, but all I got was “Thank you.” Maybe my ears are going bad? When the crew had to fix whatever needed fixing again, I think I zoned out and stared at Dong Geun because he was the closest member to my side. Maybe other people did the same and prompted him to wave to the crowd? Haha! It made everyone cheer.

The concert when on and it was just absolutely breath taking. My first rock concert lol. I still can’t believe I saw them in person! Oh Hyuk and his shaved head. Im Dong Geun and his long hair. Lee In Woo and his bucket hat. And Lim Hyun Je and his orange mullet? All playing their instruments. LIVE. IN FRONT OF ME. And I completely forgot I was alone lol.

One thing that I was really looking forward to was seeing them wearing their over sized suits. I think their suits are charming! But it was so damn hot in that venue. I saw them constantly wipe off their sweat.

Over sized suits!

I didn’t take many pictures. I didn’t want to. I needed to capture their every action in my head. I wanted to create memories that only I would be able to indulge in. But here are a few that I did take:

Poor quality but I am in love with this photo. (Oh Hyuk)
Lee In Woo

I guess that’s all I took? Haha.

I couldn’t get any photos of Hyun Je or Dong Geun. Hyun Je was on the other side of the stage, too far. Although Dong Geun was in front of me, people’s heads were in the way and the speaker blocked his body. He was just a floating head. Maybe I should I have taken a picture of that haha.

Before they physically left the stage, Oh Hyuk said he wanted to take a group photo with the audience. After that, Oh Hyuk and Dong Geun exited towards my side! I was so close to them! I was able to stretch my hand out but I guess they’re not the type of people to give high fives lol. And I really wanted a guitar pick but Dong Geun ended up throwing his to the middle of the crowd. Damn him! Haha. It all went by so fast. I just remember Dong Geun cheesing lol

After the concert ended, I immediately left to the BART station. I was deadass tired. 4 1/2 hours of standing? My left ear was sore as fuck too. When I got back to Donna’s place and reviewed my night, my ass was WIDE AWAKE! Or maybe it was that large coke that I bought at Burger King. And of course I had to wait for the members to post something about the concert on Instagram. Only two of them posted the group picture while Oh Hyuk posted the recording he did of the crowding singing the “Oh oh oh oh oh” part of “TOMBOY”. ❤

Dong Geun’s account
Hyun Je’s account

It turned out to be a really good picture of them and the crowd. The lighting was fantastic. BUT! I did not make the cut!!! I stood in the far right! I couldn’t help but be a little heartbroken lol.

The concert was totally worth it. It was worth the $60 on the rental even though I actually didn’t really need it because the drive wasn’t that bad. It was worth smelling the weed at the BART station. It was worth stepping in the puke at the BART station (yes I did that. It was orange). It was worth standing for 4+ hours plus standing in the hotass venue. It was worth my left ear getting sore. IT WAS WORTH IT!


September 10 – Taeyang in San Jose

In my previous post about G-Dragon’s concert in San Jose, I mentioned that I would be going to Taeyang’s concert in San Jose. Well that day came last Sunday. I ended up getting standing floor tickets with my friends, which I would never do again but more on that later.

I honestly kept forgetting about the concert. I’d make plans on that day and then have to cancel it. Plus it didn’t help that I didn’t really check out his new album. I only liked his album intro “White Night”.

Well that day started out with a trip out to Levi’s Stadium. The plan was to tailgate and hang out until 3PM then head out towards the venue. It was an exciting feeling since there were so many people throwing tailgate parties and being hyped up for the 49ner’s game (even though they lost).

Levi’s Stadium

It was so warm that day. I felt so gross. And I hadn’t applied makeup yet. My plan was to apply makeup right before the concert but I didn’t think that would happen since I was sweating profusely. Anyway, we did end up leaving by 3PM and headed towards TJ Maxx of all places. I personally dislike going to those stores because I never find anything I like and disorganized, but since everyone else wanted to go…and I had to drive a van around since everyone else had multiple drinks. I didn’t mind although it was a bit terrifying.

We headed towards the venue and parked in a garage where I assume no one else decided to park since it was quite empty. We all got ready and I ended up applying makeup although a friend of mine decided to do my eyes. I was still sweating though so props to Christina for fighting against my sweat haha.

Everyone had to wait a while before entering the venue, probably 1-2 hours? There were so many people. Or maybe the venue was just small. I’m pretty sure the staff were not prepared to handle it either.  Christina had called the box office a few weeks prior for some reason and she said the customer rep didn’t think Taeyang would sell out. Boy they were wrong.

It was an additional 30 minutes of waiting before Taeyang started the concert due to technical difficulties. I was already tired as hell.

Waiting for Taeyang to begin.

He started with “White Night” but he wasn’t actually on stage while singing it. At least I don’t remember if he was or not. Then came “Ringa Linga“.

Honestly, I was hella tired throughout the concert. I had to stretch my neck because everyone’s head was in the way, not like that could be helped. But what really pissed me off was the fact that everyone had their cellphone out! Recording and what not. For fucks sake. I seriously was not planning to watch this live concert through someone’s phone! I did not spend $200+ on that shit! Fuck no! That’s why I will never do floor pit standing or whatever it’s called again. I would have had a better view from the balcony with my own space.

The only good thing was that Taeyang wasn’t ant sized.


And I forgot I came with a group of girls. I ditched everybody and tried to get as close as possible. And then Melanie found me and went behind me.

But overall, Taeyang was a really entertaining performer. He kept the energy up and he’s not bad looking in person. I never thought he was cute in pictures haha. My ears started to hurt due to the screaming around me. I tried cupping them but that was a huge mistake. I ended up putting my palms over my ears.

When the show ended, the staff kicked everyone out since the meet and greet was about to start. We were supposed to stay in San Jose for a bit to grab something to eat, but it was getting really late so we just went back home.

I was damn tired when we got back. I had to take Melanie home too. I ended up not showering when I finally went to bed…dead tired for work the next morning.

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July 14 – G-Dragon in San Jose


G-Dragon had a solo concert in San Jose as part of his Act III: M.O.T.T.E World Tour. My friends and I drove out there to attend.

We arrived first in Milpitas to eat at Gen Korean BBQ House. There was quite a wait so my friends went over to the bar first. I’m not much of a drinker so the alcohol got to me a bit fast. Luckily my friends are social butterflies and befriended a waitress who hooked up a table within half of our scheduled wait time.


The small portion sizes were a good idea. We were able to do four rounds (I’m missing the third round’s picture) and weren’t overly stuff. And I received a “surprise” plate of pineapple for my birthday.  I went to the restroom and I suppose my friends told the waitress it was my birthday. When I came back, the waitress whispered in my ear, “Whose birthday was it?” I replied back with, “It’s mine.” She immediately lowered her head down in shame hahaha. It was nice of them to gift me with some pineapple but I didn’t eat much of it.

Birthday pineapple

After lunch we ended up at Walmart and Ross to pick up some needed supplies. I only bought a cord to charge my phone and a Starbucks drink since I needed to sober up.

San Pedro Square Market was our next destination. We parked our car at the SAP Center first and walked for 10 minutes.

Outside the SAP Center. People were already lined up to go inside.

It was a pain in the ass trying to find my seat. I went into the seating area only to go back out, walk around the center and carefully climb down a few rows of seats. I was sweating bullets. My friends went back to the car for a few more drinks so I was alone.

The concert overall was AWESOME. Unfortunately, there was some kind of hanging equipment that was distracting. -_-  And truthfully, I just could not recognize half of the songs that G-Dragon performed. I like his music, but I mostly listened to his title tracks.

He started off with HeartbreakerI thought he would have started with Middle Fingers Up since it’s his intro song for his latest mini album. The concert ended with his title track Untitled, 2014.

He also prerecorded a monologue. The thing with that was there were three large screens but only the right screen had subtitles. And of course I sat where the left screen was visible. So while they played the monologue, my side of the audience just listened quietly lol.





Exiting the parking lot was a bitch. It took 30 minutes. And while we were waiting to exit, some car bumped into the car in front of it. It seemed like a new driver because when they backed back into their parking spot, they hit the parking bumper. I guess they were under stress or something.

We decided to get some Taco Bell before we hit the freeway and that was the end of that night.

I will be going back to San Jose in September to check out Taeyang in concert, on a Sunday! I think that’d be the last time I will ever see them perform in person. The Big Bang members all have military priorities. By the time all 5 are done, I’ll be in my mid-thirties lol. I’ll be too old to hop around in the audience.