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December 16-17 – Sisters’ Trip to San Francisco

Back in October, my sister Vickie and I told our other sister, Sophia, that she was going to take us to San Francisco during the holidays. Surprisingly she said yes haha! That weekend was also Melanie’s graduation ceremony so we weren’t going to leave until later that day. We ended up leaving Sacramento after 4PM and it took nearly three hours to get to our first destination, Japantown…

Mount Diablo

Japantown was first because I wanted to have dinner at a Korean BBQ joint that was across the street from the shopping plaza, Yakiniq. I’ve been there before, also with my sisters, a few Christmases ago and it was amazing. We had a good time there but it did take an hour for a table.

Pork Belly

We ate a few rounds of meat. Eating meat by itself is good but when it’s eaten in a wrap, it’s on a whole ‘nother level! We ate meat with picked radish and rice noodle sheets…I can’t eat Korean BBQ in any other way now haha. The radish contrasts with the greasy meats and it’s like a palette cleanser.

A stupid video I made on Instagram haha

After nearly two hours of chowing, we headed to the hotel (Marriot Marquis) which was a bitch to get to. I don’t remember what street we were on, definitely a main street, but it was absolutely packed with cars.

Peace Pagoda in Japantown
Decorated for the winter.

Random views to the hotel


Our View

I don’t remember what floor we were on. 29? 34? The background has the Bay Bridge visible as a triangle, the SFMOMA is lit in the middle, and the Yerba Buena Gardens is on the bottom right.

After settling in, we explored the hotel for a bit and set out to Union Square to check out the Christmas tree.

Market Street
Just need to cross the street now…

It was gorgeous.

There were more people than I had anticipated to be there. I’ve never walked around SF at night so I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. Like NYC? Or Las Vegas? I felt safe though. Like I wasn’t going to get mugged or assaulted.

But it was a lot of fun…seeing people enjoy themselves in front of this beauty. I’ve visited this tree before when I came to SF with my sisters (like I mentioned earlier) but during the day time.

We call it a night since it was midnight and headed back to the hotel.

Macy’s…always decked out. It was lovely.
Neiman Marcus…with a fatass tree inside.
A pile of rubbish on Market Street
The Morning View

We ate breakfast at the hotel. The eggs and potatoes were forgettable but the bacon and sweets were to die for! The bacon was super crispy but not to the point where it broke apart when you start chewing it. The chocolate chip twist was flaky and wasn’t overly sweet.


After breakfast, we went back to the room to begin the day. My plan was to visit the SFMOMA and do whatever else after I was done. Sophia and Vickie were just going to shop.

I actually spent my entire free time there. It was so big and a bit overwhelming. The Walker Evans exhibition was up so I spent a lot of time there.


It was huge. Really, really huge.

And I didn’t take any pictures of his work. I felt like I shouldn’t…but I did take pictures of the photograph descriptions for future references. Here are a few that I got a kick out of.

I visited all floors of the museum (there are 7) but I completely forgot to visit the old side of the museum. That really bummed me out but there will always be next time. I spent nearly two hours there until I had to meet up with my sisters at the hotel.

Tripe Elvis, Andy Warhol 1963
Nam June Paik
I almost fell to my death. I didn’t bump into the glass barrier, but it scared the shit outta me.

We had some time left before grabbing out luggage from the hotel so we attempted to try Boba Guys. It was a 15 minute walk but the line was out the door. Sophia wanted to wait 15 minutes to see where we’d end up. I wasn’t going to wait and forced us to leave haha. We ended up going back towards the hotel to order ShareTea at the Metreon instead.

Hella bright day.

We left San Francisco shortly after and headed to my other older sister’s house in Pinole to visit my nephews. I was most looking forward to that to be honest. I love them so much! Hehe.

It was an eventful weekend that I enjoyed very much. It put me in a better mood for work for the rest of the year.



October 14-15 – Random Trip to San Francisco

My good friend Sandra asked if I wanted to go on a random getaway to SF. I said, “hell yeah!” and so we went.

We left Saturday night after she got off work and booked an Airbnb in Daly City. We arrived around 9:30, settled in, and headed out to a Japanese restaurant that sold ramen since I was craving it. The plan was to go back into SF but for some reason, nearly all ramen shops closed at 9:30/10PM.

Sandra found a place that closed at 2AM so that was the destination. Unfortunately, it was down south. I had no idea where we were going but I knew it wasn’t in SF since the signs on the freeway kept saying “101 South San Jose” or “SF Intl Airport” hahaha. Sandra didn’t even know where it was.

Mokutanya in Burlingame

Mokutanya is in Burlingame, a place that I have never heard of until I googled the restaurant just now. They serve izakaya type food that I was looking forward to trying along with ramen. It was really dark inside and looked like a night club. But one cool thing about it is that the seats are on the floor but there’s open space underneath the table where your legs go.

Interior (

The service was great! They were so kind and patient. The food wasn’t bad though. Sandra and I both ordered ramen along with kushiyaki items: fried chicken skin in ponzu sauce, grilled salmon, grilled rice onigiri, plus seaweed salad.

We had hoped that the chicken skin would be crunchy but it ended up being chewy. It was still good though. It was just lightly fried. Even though I dislike salmon, I thought the grilled salmon was quite tasty. It was not dried out and still juicy. The grilled rice onigiri was the best out of the items we ordered. It had a nice char and texture. I thought there was something in the middle but it was just awesome rice. The seaweed salad was just seaweed salad.

Seaweed salad

I only took a photo of the seaweed salad because it was possibly $6 for that small ass amount. I meant to check the receipt but totally forgot.

Spicy garlic oil ramen or something

I ordered this spicy garlic oil ramen…there’s another word to the dish but I just can’t remember. It’s not even listed on their website or yelp. It wasn’t the greatest. I’ve had much better ramen so I was a bit disappointed. The garlic was strong and it did have a kick to it, but I was hoping for some pork flavor as well. And more salt haha. And I ordered it with extra noodles. Always extra noodles.

The next stop for the night was karaoke. It was already 12AM when we headed there but the parking was wack so we gave up and went back to the bnb. Sandra inputted the wrong city in the GPS and we ended up in some neighborhood in the hills. It was pitch black with trees and shit. But we did end up with a gorgeous view of a damn bright SFO. That was nice.

I ended up going to bed at 1:30AM after a shower and woke up at 7:30AM. I wasn’t too comfortable in the bed because it made noises every time you moved so I was afraid I’d wake up Sandra if I moved around too much.

We checked out around 9:30AM and headed to Baker Beach. Sandra wanted a scenic view so I suggested that beach although she actually wanted to go to Marshall Beach. We actually visited that beach three years ago and I’ll be damned if I had to walk those stairs again.

Sunrise view from our bedroom window.

It was so sunny and it wasn’t crowded yet so that was a win! Lots of dogs and naked elderly men as well. We decided to walk until we hit the rocks on the right side of the beach and headed back to the car. It was again, very sunny. And warm.

My basic photo of the beach.

Brunch was next on our list but the original restaurant we wanted to visit had an 1+ hr wait so we ended up going to Chinatown for dim sum. We should have just gotten pizza since we were nearby Little Italy. The dim sum restaurant took FOREVER for our food. I felt so bad because I chose dim sum and Sandra seemed so bored. I REGRET EVERYTHING lol

On our way to Chinatown. I wanted a photo but it was too bright to see what I was taking a picture of.
Waiting for eternity

We had a choice between visiting Lombard Street to see the crooked street or Japantown for our last stop. I chose Japantown because we already knew what to expect and I think both of us were mentally ready to go home. Plus I knew we would have had a better time there anyway.

Sandra had never tried the famous “Dragon’s Breath” treat that is sold there so we gave it a go. It’s a good experience but I didn’t care for the Fruit Loop taste. We went into the Kinokuniya bookstore and that was the first time that I actually looked at the books that were for sale. I’ve gone in before but had no interest. I ended up buying two books by a monk named Thich Nhat Hanh. Both books are life manual type books. “How to Eat” tells you to be mindful and grateful for every step the food has taken to be placed on your dish. I’m in the middle of “How to Love” and I’m not really feeling it hahaha.

I went over to Sophie’s Crepe, which is a must for me anytime I’m in Japantown, and ordered a chocolate sundae. It was just dark chocolate gelato with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I couldn’t finish it because it was overwhelmingly chocolatey.

We crossed the street to check out a three story boutique that I’ve always ignored. There was tea shop on the first floor, a cutesy Japanese clothing story also on the first, another Japanese clothing store on the second, and the third floor was off limits but it’s supposedly an art gallery. After exploring the building, we tried out the tea shop.

My chicken sausage plate that I regret getting. $14
Sandra’s plate of sweets.
A half drunken cup of their Paris tea.

I ordered the chicken sausage plate. I don’t even know why. I wasn’t even hungry haha. It was so heavy and I only ate 1 piece. The staff asked if I wanted a box and I said no. I didn’t want to bring that thing on a 1 1/2 hour drive back home haha.

Sandra ordered the tea and dessert option. It came with a pot of tea and the sweets…$14…overpriced crap. I was thinking Sandra would get some kind of fancy cake and high quality dry cookies that she could dip in her tea like biscotti. Sandra ordered the Paris tea which had vanilla and hints of cinnamon. I didn’t have much of an opinion on the tea because I’m not a tea person.

After that disappointing experience, we decided to call it a day and headed back home.

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September 15 – Hyukoh in San Francisco


It’s gonna be a long one!

Hyukoh in 2015? L to R: Lee In Woo (drums), Oh Hyuk (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Lim Hyun Je (lead guitar), Im Dong Geun (bassist)

I found out they were coming to San Francisco three weeks after tickets went on sale! I randomly when onto Oh Hyuk’s Instagram because I used to follow him but just wanted to see what’s up. He promoted his tour with this poster:


I freaked out and bought a ticket. There were only two options: VIP, which was already sold out, and general, which I obviously got. And it was only $60! So cheap! I asked Melanie if she listened to them but she doesn’t, so I was attending this one solo. And renting a car was a must. My bucket would not make it to SF for sure!

I constantly debated whether to go or not. I would be by myself. In the city. At night. It was a stressful and terrifying thought haha! My sister Vickie told me just to go and “live a little” since I already bought the tickets with a no refund option. I eventually forgot about it until the week of when I received an email reminder. I was pumped up this time.

I had to take that Friday off of work to grab my rental and head out. I wanted a small compact car, but Enterprise didn’t have anymore so they gave me a fatass Ford Explorer. I was a bit terrified but reminded myself that I drove a van in San Jose, so I should be good haha.

The day before, I asked my sister Donna if I could chill at her place before the concert since she lived in the bay. My original plan was to go to the SF MoMA since I’ve never been there since it reopened, but I didn’t want to pay for parking and wander around aimlessly afterwards. Donna also suggested that I take the BART to SF and not actually drive into the crazy city. With the fatass vehicle I got, driving to SF was definitely not an option.

So I did that and got off at the Powell station. I meant to take a Lyft to the venue, but wanted to walk a couple blocks where it was less crazy. It didn’t get any less crazy and ended up just walking to the venue. I walked for 20 minutes. I was exhausted. And since I was by myself, I was damn bored too. There was 1 1/2 hours to go before the doors opened. When it did open, there was another 30 minute wait. But I didn’t mind. I was super close to the front!

There were songs playing during the wait. The last song that was played was The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” And then it began.

I was pretty damn close!

Hyukoh started off with “Tokyo Inn” and that lead into “Comes and Goes.” After that, I honestly could not remember which order they played the rest of their songs. I’ll go off this list from their set in New York. (Songs with * is what I remember them playing. The songs in bold are my absolute ABSOLUTE favorites! More on those in another post.)

  1. Tokyo Inn*
  2. Comes and Goes*
  3. Leather Jacket*
  4. Panda Bear
  5. 2002 World Cup
  6. Wanli* (Please watch the MV!!!)
  7. Masitnonsoul*
  8. Jesus lived in a motel room*
  9. Die Alone*
  10. Mer*
  11. Gondry*
  12. TOMBOY* (Please watch the MV!!!)
  13. Simon*
  14. Reserved Seat
  15. Paul
  16. Hooka (Encore)*
  17. Wi Ing Wi Ing (Encore)*
  18. Surf Boy (Encore)

There were some technical difficulties and their instruments kept going out of tune but that didn’t effect the environment. Hyuk was speaking English and Korean, said something in Chinese. Honestly I couldn’t really understand what he said in English. I know for sure he said it was their first time in San Francisco and they sold out the venue. Woo! Later on Instagram, someone posted that he said he was shy haha.

The other members Dong Geun and Hyun Je went to the mic while the crew was fixing whatever needed to be fixed and spoke English, but all I got was “Thank you.” Maybe my ears are going bad? When the crew had to fix whatever needed fixing again, I think I zoned out and stared at Dong Geun because he was the closest member to my side. Maybe other people did the same and prompted him to wave to the crowd? Haha! It made everyone cheer.

The concert when on and it was just absolutely breath taking. My first rock concert lol. I still can’t believe I saw them in person! Oh Hyuk and his shaved head. Im Dong Geun and his long hair. Lee In Woo and his bucket hat. And Lim Hyun Je and his orange mullet? All playing their instruments. LIVE. IN FRONT OF ME. And I completely forgot I was alone lol.

One thing that I was really looking forward to was seeing them wearing their over sized suits. I think their suits are charming! But it was so damn hot in that venue. I saw them constantly wipe off their sweat.

Over sized suits!

I didn’t take many pictures. I didn’t want to. I needed to capture their every action in my head. I wanted to create memories that only I would be able to indulge in. But here are a few that I did take:

Poor quality but I am in love with this photo. (Oh Hyuk)
Lee In Woo

I guess that’s all I took? Haha.

I couldn’t get any photos of Hyun Je or Dong Geun. Hyun Je was on the other side of the stage, too far. Although Dong Geun was in front of me, people’s heads were in the way and the speaker blocked his body. He was just a floating head. Maybe I should I have taken a picture of that haha.

Before they physically left the stage, Oh Hyuk said he wanted to take a group photo with the audience. After that, Oh Hyuk and Dong Geun exited towards my side! I was so close to them! I was able to stretch my hand out but I guess they’re not the type of people to give high fives lol. And I really wanted a guitar pick but Dong Geun ended up throwing his to the middle of the crowd. Damn him! Haha. It all went by so fast. I just remember Dong Geun cheesing lol

After the concert ended, I immediately left to the BART station. I was deadass tired. 4 1/2 hours of standing? My left ear was sore as fuck too. When I got back to Donna’s place and reviewed my night, my ass was WIDE AWAKE! Or maybe it was that large coke that I bought at Burger King. And of course I had to wait for the members to post something about the concert on Instagram. Only two of them posted the group picture while Oh Hyuk posted the recording he did of the crowding singing the “Oh oh oh oh oh” part of “TOMBOY”. ❤

Dong Geun’s account
Hyun Je’s account

It turned out to be a really good picture of them and the crowd. The lighting was fantastic. BUT! I did not make the cut!!! I stood in the far right! I couldn’t help but be a little heartbroken lol.

The concert was totally worth it. It was worth the $60 on the rental even though I actually didn’t really need it because the drive wasn’t that bad. It was worth smelling the weed at the BART station. It was worth stepping in the puke at the BART station (yes I did that. It was orange). It was worth standing for 4+ hours plus standing in the hotass venue. It was worth my left ear getting sore. IT WAS WORTH IT!

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July 14 – G-Dragon in San Jose


G-Dragon had a solo concert in San Jose as part of his Act III: M.O.T.T.E World Tour. My friends and I drove out there to attend.

We arrived first in Milpitas to eat at Gen Korean BBQ House. There was quite a wait so my friends went over to the bar first. I’m not much of a drinker so the alcohol got to me a bit fast. Luckily my friends are social butterflies and befriended a waitress who hooked up a table within half of our scheduled wait time.


The small portion sizes were a good idea. We were able to do four rounds (I’m missing the third round’s picture) and weren’t overly stuff. And I received a “surprise” plate of pineapple for my birthday.  I went to the restroom and I suppose my friends told the waitress it was my birthday. When I came back, the waitress whispered in my ear, “Whose birthday was it?” I replied back with, “It’s mine.” She immediately lowered her head down in shame hahaha. It was nice of them to gift me with some pineapple but I didn’t eat much of it.

Birthday pineapple

After lunch we ended up at Walmart and Ross to pick up some needed supplies. I only bought a cord to charge my phone and a Starbucks drink since I needed to sober up.

San Pedro Square Market was our next destination. We parked our car at the SAP Center first and walked for 10 minutes.

Outside the SAP Center. People were already lined up to go inside.

It was a pain in the ass trying to find my seat. I went into the seating area only to go back out, walk around the center and carefully climb down a few rows of seats. I was sweating bullets. My friends went back to the car for a few more drinks so I was alone.

The concert overall was AWESOME. Unfortunately, there was some kind of hanging equipment that was distracting. -_-  And truthfully, I just could not recognize half of the songs that G-Dragon performed. I like his music, but I mostly listened to his title tracks.

He started off with HeartbreakerI thought he would have started with Middle Fingers Up since it’s his intro song for his latest mini album. The concert ended with his title track Untitled, 2014.

He also prerecorded a monologue. The thing with that was there were three large screens but only the right screen had subtitles. And of course I sat where the left screen was visible. So while they played the monologue, my side of the audience just listened quietly lol.





Exiting the parking lot was a bitch. It took 30 minutes. And while we were waiting to exit, some car bumped into the car in front of it. It seemed like a new driver because when they backed back into their parking spot, they hit the parking bumper. I guess they were under stress or something.

We decided to get some Taco Bell before we hit the freeway and that was the end of that night.

I will be going back to San Jose in September to check out Taeyang in concert, on a Sunday! I think that’d be the last time I will ever see them perform in person. The Big Bang members all have military priorities. By the time all 5 are done, I’ll be in my mid-thirties lol. I’ll be too old to hop around in the audience.


December 30th – San Jose, Part II

Here’s part II. If you haven’t read the first part, here it is.

I woke up in the middle of the night because it got so hot in the room. I think it was around 2AM. Sleeping there was not fun at all. I could feel the springs in the bed and the pillows were so flat that I had to fold one pillow in half. Eventually I fell back asleep and woke up around 6AM. After that I was just in a light sleep until whenever…

I was Yelping like crazy trying find a place to eat for breakfast. We ended up at Bill’s Cafe, which has several locations around SJ.

Since I decided we should eat outside, we were immediately seated. It was a bit chilly though.

I ordered a meaty omelet with country styled potatoes and it came with a buttered English muffin. Melanie ordered eggs benedicts that was served on top of crab cakes. It was definitely the winner that morning.

Meaty omelet with country style potatoes and an English muffin.

My potatoes were quite tasty. I’ve never had potatoes cooked like that before. The omelet was okay, but that’s just because I’m not a big fan of breakfast type meats. I don’t know why I chose to order it in the first place haha. I ended up just eating the cheese inside.

While we had breakfast, we discussed plans for the rest of the day. I wanted to drive to SF, but Melanie wasn’t enthusiastic about it so that was out of the picture. Plus I didn’t want to force Melanie to drive out there. We decided just to end SJ and head home, but stop by 85°c Bakery on the way home in Milpitas.

Before we left, we explored the area a bit. It’s a low-key downtown area. We were in another small town, not really in SJ anymore. We walked towards…I don’t know where, about 10 minutes, and headed back to the car.

The area we explored.

85°C Bakery was located in another Asian plaza and that shit was just as packed as the other parking lots. We had to park in another plaza and walk 5 minutes to where the bakery was located. I purchased about $23 worth of pastries for my family. Luckily an 85°c Bakery is opening up in Sacramento, so I don’t have to do that type of shit anymore haha.

$23 worth of pastries!

We decided to visit Melanie’s sister-in-law since she lives on the way back home. We spent the rest of the day there where I ate Sonics’ for the first time. I was feeling real shitty that evening and finally went home around 9PM. It felt GREAT to be back home in my comfy bed. And that concludes my two day vacation.

I wouldn’t mind going back to San Jose. But only for a day. Or just past by it. And I want to try out the Vietnamese food next time.


December 29th – San Jose, Part I

Long time no post! I was extremely sick for a few weeks (strep throat) so I had no energy to get on the computer and post an entry. Now that I’m feeling a lot better, let’s get back on track.

This will be split into two parts.

I began planning a trip to San Jose when I was scheduled two days off from work. Coincidentally, Melanie had the same days off so we decided to go. Unfortunately, I developed a sore throat the morning before and it went downhill from there. While I was packing, I constantly reminded myself that we were only staying for one night so I didnt’t need to bring much. I ended up with a stuffed duffel bag.

We arrived in San Jose a little after 12PM and headed straight to Boiling Point. I constantly said that Boiling Point was going to be the first destination!

Taiwanese Spicy

Melanie and I ordered the “Taiwanese Spicy” hot pot. And it was spicy! My nose was running and my tongue began to hurt. And it was honestly not the best I’ve tried. I’ve tried the “Japanese miso” hot pot that was bland and beef hot pot that I tried in LA was the best.  I really wish I ordered that one instead. It would have been worth the 30 minute wait.

After eating, I wanted to go to Paris Baguette, a Korean European bakery chain, that was a few doors down. I didn’t want to leave the plaza yet since it was a pain in the ass finding parking.

Raspberry and cheese danish, regular croissant, and some kind of flaky vanilla custard pastry.

We left the Asian plaza after eating the pastries and headed downtown to try an ice cream place that Melanie had tried before. While we were driving, I noticed that San Jose’s building were dull compared to Sacramento’s. I know that Sacramento doesn’t have much, but at least its’ buildings all look different compared to San Jose’s. (Yes, some shade to SJ haha)

Downtown was surprising quiet. I thought a huge city like San Jose would have a bustling downtown. Maybe we were in the wrong part. Anyway, the ice cream place, Milk & Wood, was located inside a building where there were other little eateries. (As we discovered later on, San Jose has a lot of these type of buildings.)

Mint Oreo topped with chocolate curls, Butterfinger crumbles, and sprinkles.

I forgot what Melanie ordered, but the total came out to be an even $10. Not bad, I guess. It wasn’t the greatest to be honest. Maybe a different flavor would have been better.

Since we had a lot of time left with the metered parking, we decided to explore downtown. I honestly have no idea where we went. We just started walking.

We stopped by this Japanese store called Muji. It sells a whole bunch of crap. Bean bag chairs, air diffusers, stationary, storage, clothes…all very expensive as well. But it was probably the most interesting part. After that, we decided to head back to the car.

This was on the way back.

Next stop was San Pedro Square Market. We heard so much about it and its’ food selection.


Unfortunately we weren’t hungry. Or the food didn’t seem appetizing at that time. We walked around twice. Melanie saw a park on the map nearby so we decided to walk over there. Nothing but the homeless. We walked back and further down the street where the San Pedro was located. A lot more eateries that looked pretty cool.

We walked until we reached the beginning? We weren’t sure if the words were going to light up.
Passed by this Old Spaghetti Factory with a gorgeous entrance.

We decided to call it a day in downtown. On the way back to the car, we regretfully saw bicycle rentals by the parking garage. And on the way to the freeway, there was a “Christmas at the Park” event taking place with a whole bunch of lit of Christmas objects. It was only a five minute drive away. We couldn’t believe we missed it. Oh well.

On the way to our Airbnb.

Our Airbnb was located basically on top of a hill. I just rented a room inside a house, nothing fancy. But the house did have a grand chandelier just inside the entrance. Our room was upstairs with a designated private bathroom that was just across the hall. As we settled in, I found out the room came with Netflix so we decided to watch Fuller House since Melanie wanted to watch the second season.

Before heading the SJ, I watched a vlog on Youtube and the girl went to a place called Soyful and I wanted to try it out. Luckily there was one 10 minutes away and there was a ton of restaurants, nearly all Vietnamese, nearby it so we headed out that.

That whole area was PACKED. Melanie had to park across the street at a Target. As we walked through the whole shopping plaza, each restaurant was packed. There was a fast food Thai restaurant that had some seats opened, so that was dinner that night.

Some kind of stir fried chicken and curry. Fast food Thai is never really that great.

I ordered a two entree combo plate while Melanie ordered stir fried noodles. It was okay. Edible. The stir fried chicken was a little too sweet. Shouldn’t expect much from an express Thai restaurant. We then headed to Soyful to try it out. That shit was packed too. With a lot of young people.

I ordered the combination with 50% sweetness. I’m not sure what’s in it. A whole bunch of crap. And I should have gotten it at 100%. I think it would have been fantastic.

Since we parked at a Target, we decided to go in. And it was HUGE. And busy. All I bought was a small calendar that’s posted on a clipboard. It turned out to be only $0.90. I could have just saved my money and not purchase it because I barely glance at it. now

We decided to call it a night after that. It was getting late (9PMish? lol) and I was feeling pretty stuffed up since I was sick. I felt kind of bad. If I wasn’t sick, we could have done something during the night.

Here’s part II.


November 3rd – CL in San Francisco

Three friends and I went to San Francisco to watch CL* perform at the Warfield on Market Street.

*CL is part of 2NE1, a female music group from South Korea.

I’ve been a fan of 2NE1 since their debut in 2009. I even attended their concert in LA back in 2012 with Melanie (one of the three friends) and that was fucking awesome. The best/funnest concert I’ve been to, actually. But I wasn’t sure if I would attend CL’s concert since I wasn’t really following her solo material, but since my friends were going, why not.

We were supposed to leave around 11AM but we left Sacramento around 12:30ish haha. Before we left, we got some McDonalds to go. Melanie and I were supposed to be on a diet that started two days before, but that was just going to be ignored for today.

The drive wasn’t bad at all. Getting to and through the Bay Bridge was a breeze.  And there was lots of sun that day, unlike most of the days I go to SF. We were debating on what to do when we get to the city. The concert didn’t start until 8:30PM and we got to SF around 2PM so we had time to kill.

Japantown was chosen as the first stop…

We decided to eat some more and stopped at Sophie’s Crepes, one of my favorite places there. I decided to try out their green tea sundae. I actually hate green tea but love green tea ice cream. It doesn’t taste like straight-up plant and it’s not too sweet.

The green stuff on top of the whipped cream was so bitter. I had to scoop that and toss it. Melanie got some kind of strawberry sundae.  There was a poster for CL’s concert inside the shop.

After walking around, Felisha ordered some takoyaki which disappointedly wasn’t made fresh. They warm it up using a takoyaki pan. The worker claimed it takes too long to cook which was absurd since it took forever for the order to be ready. At least the octopus wasn’t hard and chewy.

I saw these mochi on a stick…I think they’re called dango. I wanted to try it since I’ve seen them on YouTube but I was too stuffed.

We decided to walk a little north of Japantown to go to a small Japanese market. There was onigiri sold inside so we decided to buy some. I don’t think any of us have tried one before since we had difficulty opening it up.

The view of Japantown from the Japanese Market.

I bought one filled with that salted plum stuff, umeboshi. That stuff is SALTY as hell. It’s good if you eat a tiny amount, like the size of three rice grains haha. I had to scoop some out to make the onigiri edible. I would love to eat it again though. I also bought a spam musubi which I’ve never tried either. I typically don’t like spam but it was okay in the musubi form. Everyone else got a roe filled or tuna filled musubi which they enjoyed.

Daiso was the last thing on our list for Japantown so we headed there. I had been to Daiso already in Roseville a few days prior so I wasn’t too eager to buy anything.  I’m was also trying to save my money and not buy random crap that I won’t even need/use. I eventually got tired walking around in Daiso so I went outside and sat on the ground…only to find out that there were benches nearby.

Chinatown was our next destination. We went to different shops that had all the same cheap crap. I was beyond exhausted. And nobody bought anything.

I didn’t know I was so close to the Transamerica Pyramid.
I didn’t realized that people live above the shops until I saw someone close their curtains.

We finally headed towards the Warfield, parked the car, and walked to the venue to find out that there was a LONG line to get inside. The doors opened at 7:30 and we got there around 7. My friends wanted to get some drinks so we headed to a bar that was nearby, Mikkeller Bar.

I didn’t order any drinks since I popped in two Advils since my tooth was hurting. I did order three appetizers though haha.  And I’ve never been to a bar before to be honest. The guy that took my order asked if I wanted to start a tab. I didn’t know how to respond to that haha. I said yes at first, but changed my mind two seconds later.

I ordered french fries, mac and cheese, and a chicken quesadilla.

The chicken quesadilla was BOMB. Fries were okay. The mac and cheese had a raw flour taste. It wasn’t good. Bland too. Not much of any cheese flavor present.

We left around 8:15 and I thought that the lines would be short by that time but I was very wrong. It was even LONGER. It wrapped around the freaking street. We got in 30 minutes later and the concert already started. Melanie and I were talking to the usher about our seat location and I saw CL. I grabbed Melanie so she could see. I always do that to her lol.

A building behind the venue. People live here too. I don’t have much experience being in the city.

We got to our seat area and had to walk around because I couldn’t find our exact seats. We were located in the very back, third to last row of the venue. That was kind of unfortunate but whatever.

The concert was good. CL performed most of the songs from her group which was a major WTF since the concert is her solo concert but it was still enjoyable. One of the things that prevented the concert from being ass-kicking awesome was the fact that everyone around me was too busy recording on their stupid fucking phone.

The reason why I had a blast at 2NE1’s concert was that everyone was out of their seats, arms in the air, screamed their ass off during the whole thing.

Everyone around me at CL’s concert had their arms in the air to record. Imbeciles! I tried having a good time on my own but it doesn’t really work if you’re the only one screaming and the surrounding area is quiet.

CL was performing some kind of ballad. I wasn’t too familiar with it but it’s one of her group’s song.

I don’t remember what she was performing here.
Performing “Lifted”, her latest release.

ANYWAY, after the concert we decided to eat some pho at a restaurant 5 minutes away. Finishing our meal around 10:45ish, we called it a night, headed out of the city and went home.

My bowl of combination pho.

That day was pretty awesome. Ate all day without guilt because everyone was eating haha.