I ate a Santa Fe chicken salad at The Corner Bakery. Originally I had planned to order the entree size instead of the cafe size since it was a salad…it wasn’t going to fill me up. But the cashier, who I assume was the manager, showed me the huge size difference.

The salad did fill me up. It was really delicious. It was the dressing that really did it. It was like ranch with a hint of typical Santa Fe flavor. And the lettuce was shredded. I hate chunky pieces of lettuce in salads. It makes it hard to eat.




I met up with my friends to shop for a bit. We ended the outing at Starbucks inside a Barnes & Nobles. I ordered a venti iced mocha and a stuffed pizza pretzel. The pretzel was BOMB but the drink was okay. It wasn’t chilled enough and made me feel queasy.