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July 14 – G-Dragon in San Jose


G-Dragon had a solo concert in San Jose as part of his Act III: M.O.T.T.E World Tour. My friends and I drove out there to attend.

We arrived first in Milpitas to eat at Gen Korean BBQ House. There was quite a wait so my friends went over to the bar first. I’m not much of a drinker so the alcohol got to me a bit fast. Luckily my friends are social butterflies and befriended a waitress who hooked up a table within half of our scheduled wait time.


The small portion sizes were a good idea. We were able to do four rounds (I’m missing the third round’s picture) and weren’t overly stuff. And I received a “surprise” plate of pineapple for my birthday.  I went to the restroom and I suppose my friends told the waitress it was my birthday. When I came back, the waitress whispered in my ear, “Whose birthday was it?” I replied back with, “It’s mine.” She immediately lowered her head down in shame hahaha. It was nice of them to gift me with some pineapple but I didn’t eat much of it.

Birthday pineapple

After lunch we ended up at Walmart and Ross to pick up some needed supplies. I only bought a cord to charge my phone and a Starbucks drink since I needed to sober up.

San Pedro Square Market was our next destination. We parked our car at the SAP Center first and walked for 10 minutes.

Outside the SAP Center. People were already lined up to go inside.

It was a pain in the ass trying to find my seat. I went into the seating area only to go back out, walk around the center and carefully climb down a few rows of seats. I was sweating bullets. My friends went back to the car for a few more drinks so I was alone.

The concert overall was AWESOME. Unfortunately, there was some kind of hanging equipment that was distracting. -_-  And truthfully, I just could not recognize half of the songs that G-Dragon performed. I like his music, but I mostly listened to his title tracks.

He started off with HeartbreakerI thought he would have started with Middle Fingers Up since it’s his intro song for his latest mini album. The concert ended with his title track Untitled, 2014.

He also prerecorded a monologue. The thing with that was there were three large screens but only the right screen had subtitles. And of course I sat where the left screen was visible. So while they played the monologue, my side of the audience just listened quietly lol.





Exiting the parking lot was a bitch. It took 30 minutes. And while we were waiting to exit, some car bumped into the car in front of it. It seemed like a new driver because when they backed back into their parking spot, they hit the parking bumper. I guess they were under stress or something.

We decided to get some Taco Bell before we hit the freeway and that was the end of that night.

I will be going back to San Jose in September to check out Taeyang in concert, on a Sunday! I think that’d be the last time I will ever see them perform in person. The Big Bang members all have military priorities. By the time all 5 are done, I’ll be in my mid-thirties lol. I’ll be too old to hop around in the audience.