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Photo of the Day III


It was a gorgeous day. I was bored so I decided to take a really long drive.  The fatass orange sun was setting and no matter how far I drove into the boonies, there was still shit in the way. What the hell was I expecting? This was the best I could get before the light was completely gone.

I brought my tripod along to photograph some stars but that shit took forever show up. I got impatient and went home. Once I drove up to my driveway, the sky was lit up with stars. Bitches.


Swaying Reeds

After finishing work on Thursday, there were these huge white clouds in the sky that I just had to photograph. But it was a windy day so I needed to rush home, grab my camera, and head off to my “go to”. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough and the clouds had already moved on. The sky was clear again.

I stuck around and just started photographing anything. I hadn’t touched my camera since last year. I mainly photographed plants that were swaying in the wind.


These are all I have done so far. I’m unsure if I want to put any more effort in editing the other photos. I’m not too happy with them.

I haven’t done any scanning lately either. I would like to pick that up again.