Random Rambles

Random Rambles II

I found a journal entry that I wrote on August 19, 2015 that I wanted to share:

“Long time no write! School is starting in less than 2 weeks! I can’t wait, but then I can. I have mixed feelings. 75% can’t wait, 25% can wait. I’m just tired of just going to work and then coming home. I hope I’m not like this after I graduate. That would be extremely SAD! I’m going to need to be on my toes at all time. All summer, I haven’t touched my camera. I will for sure go this Friday. I really want to try out my ND filters that I’ve just purchased.

I’ve been spending a lot of my money this summer and it’s not good! Especially since I barely have hours and I don’t accept the ones that are offered. I suck. I need to suck it up and just go to work. But I hate it! I didn’t want to be there for  5 years, but I’m going to admit defeat and stay there until I can get a state job which can allow me to move out + support my parents!”

How awful that what I didn’t want after graduation…came true! It’s been a year and a half since I wrote that and life hasn’t really changed. I need to get my shit together and work something out. I need to start something. I need to change something.

My browser was opened for two days with a job posting and job application open…and I didn’t finish filling it out. I’m a lazy piece of shit! And my sister was the one who sent that job posting to me.

A question that’s been on repeat in my mind for a few weeks now is: “Leslie, do you even take yourself seriously?” I guess not. I guess I don’t. What will it take to take myself seriously?

A few nights ago, I went out to meet some friends who I hadn’t seen in months. One friend ask, “Leslie, what do you love? What makes you happy?”

I said, “I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve been in a slum since I graduated.” (I just looked up what slum meant and I didn’t even use it correctly! It was completely the wrong word to use. WTF was I thinking?!)

Well, one thing I’m hoping to accomplish tonight or tomorrow morning (since it’s already 1AM) is make a completely, much need new résumé.


December 30th – San Jose, Part II

Here’s part II. If you haven’t read the first part, here it is.

I woke up in the middle of the night because it got so hot in the room. I think it was around 2AM. Sleeping there was not fun at all. I could feel the springs in the bed and the pillows were so flat that I had to fold one pillow in half. Eventually I fell back asleep and woke up around 6AM. After that I was just in a light sleep until whenever…

I was Yelping like crazy trying find a place to eat for breakfast. We ended up at Bill’s Cafe, which has several locations around SJ.

Since I decided we should eat outside, we were immediately seated. It was a bit chilly though.

I ordered a meaty omelet with country styled potatoes and it came with a buttered English muffin. Melanie ordered eggs benedicts that was served on top of crab cakes. It was definitely the winner that morning.

Meaty omelet with country style potatoes and an English muffin.

My potatoes were quite tasty. I’ve never had potatoes cooked like that before. The omelet was okay, but that’s just because I’m not a big fan of breakfast type meats. I don’t know why I chose to order it in the first place haha. I ended up just eating the cheese inside.

While we had breakfast, we discussed plans for the rest of the day. I wanted to drive to SF, but Melanie wasn’t enthusiastic about it so that was out of the picture. Plus I didn’t want to force Melanie to drive out there. We decided just to end SJ and head home, but stop by 85°c Bakery on the way home in Milpitas.

Before we left, we explored the area a bit. It’s a low-key downtown area. We were in another small town, not really in SJ anymore. We walked towards…I don’t know where, about 10 minutes, and headed back to the car.

The area we explored.

85°C Bakery was located in another Asian plaza and that shit was just as packed as the other parking lots. We had to park in another plaza and walk 5 minutes to where the bakery was located. I purchased about $23 worth of pastries for my family. Luckily an 85°c Bakery is opening up in Sacramento, so I don’t have to do that type of shit anymore haha.

$23 worth of pastries!

We decided to visit Melanie’s sister-in-law since she lives on the way back home. We spent the rest of the day there where I ate Sonics’ for the first time. I was feeling real shitty that evening and finally went home around 9PM. It felt GREAT to be back home in my comfy bed. And that concludes my two day vacation.

I wouldn’t mind going back to San Jose. But only for a day. Or just past by it. And I want to try out the Vietnamese food next time.