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I eventually turned in To Kill a Mockingbird and Kate. Let’s be real, I was never going to touch those books. The books were replaced with Food, Inc., which I believe you’re supposed to watch the documentary first, and The Young & Digital which talks about the youth and the internet. It’s kind of old since it talks about MySpace but I figured it would still be relevant.

Last month, I purchased Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I’ve only read up to page 34 and haven’t touched it for a least two weeks now. The beginning pages were enough motivation to declutter my room. I accumulated 5+ bags of crap and donated most of it to good will or trashed it.

One of the bags of crap contained my Disney princess dolls and their princes. I had planned to donate it but my friend wanted it for her niece. It wasn’t hard giving them up though. They hadn’t seen light in months. I had planned to do a photograph project with them, but Disney came out with new versions so if I wish to start the project, I will invest in the new versions.

I don’t remember what I was looking up but I was on a Wikipedia page and read the words homo sapien and homo erectus and it made me long for Friends….so I decided to get Netflix back. I thought it was a flat rate of $9.99 but there are different options. I chose the cheapest at $7.99. It allows one viewing screen at a time and standard quality. My WiFi sucks so getting ultra HD would be a waste.

I’m trying to finish the whole series of Parks and Rec. It took me forever to finish season 5. I’m currently watching season 6 and my interest is starting to go downhill. I’ve also watched two movies: Colonia starring Emma Waston and Daniel Brühl, and The Treacherous starring Joo Ji Hoon, Lim Ji Yeon, and Kim Kang Woo. Both really great movies. Although I must admit, Colonia was weird as hell and I lost my interest half way through, I wanted to finish it and I’m glad I did.  The acting in The Treacherous was absolutely amazing, especially from Kim Kang Woo, who plays a mad king. It’s a movie that I’ll be looking forward to rewatching.

Christmas is exactly a week away and I am almost done shopping for presents. For the secret Santa exchange with my friends, I want to say I’m done. The spending minimum is $50 and I’ve exceeded that. But I feel like I should buy one more gift. And for my family, the spending minimum is the same but I only bought one item. I feel I should buy one more, like clothing or something.

And for food that day, I’m planning to make several cookies and eggrolls. For the main dish, I have no idea. I have people constantly asking me what’s going to be cooking.

I’ve been attempting to become more active this month but I haven’t worked out for a full week now. I ate pretty shitty too. Chips, candies, eating out…at least I haven’t touched soda. And I bought a bag of baby carrots to eat with my meals. That failed. I also invested in various workout equipment like sliding disks and one of those big balls but I haven’t done much. I was thinking of just waiting until next year to do all that but I really don’t want to. Well, it’s a new week so I’ll start today! (Scratch that. I went to Target and bought some frosted sugar cookies. NO REGRETS!)

Random Rambles

“CL in San Francisco” Part II

I never meant for this post to have a second part, but I thought about it last week and realized I barely talked about the concert even though the blog title makes it seem like it was going to be all about it.

More time was spent sharing what I had done prior. Japantown, eating, Chinatown…I guess those were the highlights of that day instead of CL. Maybe I should have changed the title to “San Francisco + CL”.