November 3rd – CL in San Francisco

Three friends and I went to San Francisco to watch CL* perform at the Warfield on Market Street.

*CL is part of 2NE1, a female music group from South Korea.

I’ve been a fan of 2NE1 since their debut in 2009. I even attended their concert in LA back in 2012 with Melanie (one of the three friends) and that was fucking awesome. The best/funnest concert I’ve been to, actually. But I wasn’t sure if I would attend CL’s concert since I wasn’t really following her solo material, but since my friends were going, why not.

We were supposed to leave around 11AM but we left Sacramento around 12:30ish haha. Before we left, we got some McDonalds to go. Melanie and I were supposed to be on a diet that started two days before, but that was just going to be ignored for today.

The drive wasn’t bad at all. Getting to and through the Bay Bridge was a breeze.  And there was lots of sun that day, unlike most of the days I go to SF. We were debating on what to do when we get to the city. The concert didn’t start until 8:30PM and we got to SF around 2PM so we had time to kill.

Japantown was chosen as the first stop…

We decided to eat some more and stopped at Sophie’s Crepes, one of my favorite places there. I decided to try out their green tea sundae. I actually hate green tea but love green tea ice cream. It doesn’t taste like straight-up plant and it’s not too sweet.

The green stuff on top of the whipped cream was so bitter. I had to scoop that and toss it. Melanie got some kind of strawberry sundae.  There was a poster for CL’s concert inside the shop.

After walking around, Felisha ordered some takoyaki which disappointedly wasn’t made fresh. They warm it up using a takoyaki pan. The worker claimed it takes too long to cook which was absurd since it took forever for the order to be ready. At least the octopus wasn’t hard and chewy.

I saw these mochi on a stick…I think they’re called dango. I wanted to try it since I’ve seen them on YouTube but I was too stuffed.

We decided to walk a little north of Japantown to go to a small Japanese market. There was onigiri sold inside so we decided to buy some. I don’t think any of us have tried one before since we had difficulty opening it up.

The view of Japantown from the Japanese Market.

I bought one filled with that salted plum stuff, umeboshi. That stuff is SALTY as hell. It’s good if you eat a tiny amount, like the size of three rice grains haha. I had to scoop some out to make the onigiri edible. I would love to eat it again though. I also bought a spam musubi which I’ve never tried either. I typically don’t like spam but it was okay in the musubi form. Everyone else got a roe filled or tuna filled musubi which they enjoyed.

Daiso was the last thing on our list for Japantown so we headed there. I had been to Daiso already in Roseville a few days prior so I wasn’t too eager to buy anything.  I’m was also trying to save my money and not buy random crap that I won’t even need/use. I eventually got tired walking around in Daiso so I went outside and sat on the ground…only to find out that there were benches nearby.

Chinatown was our next destination. We went to different shops that had all the same cheap crap. I was beyond exhausted. And nobody bought anything.

I didn’t know I was so close to the Transamerica Pyramid.
I didn’t realized that people live above the shops until I saw someone close their curtains.

We finally headed towards the Warfield, parked the car, and walked to the venue to find out that there was a LONG line to get inside. The doors opened at 7:30 and we got there around 7. My friends wanted to get some drinks so we headed to a bar that was nearby, Mikkeller Bar.

I didn’t order any drinks since I popped in two Advils since my tooth was hurting. I did order three appetizers though haha.  And I’ve never been to a bar before to be honest. The guy that took my order asked if I wanted to start a tab. I didn’t know how to respond to that haha. I said yes at first, but changed my mind two seconds later.

I ordered french fries, mac and cheese, and a chicken quesadilla.

The chicken quesadilla was BOMB. Fries were okay. The mac and cheese had a raw flour taste. It wasn’t good. Bland too. Not much of any cheese flavor present.

We left around 8:15 and I thought that the lines would be short by that time but I was very wrong. It was even LONGER. It wrapped around the freaking street. We got in 30 minutes later and the concert already started. Melanie and I were talking to the usher about our seat location and I saw CL. I grabbed Melanie so she could see. I always do that to her lol.

A building behind the venue. People live here too. I don’t have much experience being in the city.

We got to our seat area and had to walk around because I couldn’t find our exact seats. We were located in the very back, third to last row of the venue. That was kind of unfortunate but whatever.

The concert was good. CL performed most of the songs from her group which was a major WTF since the concert is her solo concert but it was still enjoyable. One of the things that prevented the concert from being ass-kicking awesome was the fact that everyone around me was too busy recording on their stupid fucking phone.

The reason why I had a blast at 2NE1’s concert was that everyone was out of their seats, arms in the air, screamed their ass off during the whole thing.

Everyone around me at CL’s concert had their arms in the air to record. Imbeciles! I tried having a good time on my own but it doesn’t really work if you’re the only one screaming and the surrounding area is quiet.

CL was performing some kind of ballad. I wasn’t too familiar with it but it’s one of her group’s song.

I don’t remember what she was performing here.
Performing “Lifted”, her latest release.

ANYWAY, after the concert we decided to eat some pho at a restaurant 5 minutes away. Finishing our meal around 10:45ish, we called it a night, headed out of the city and went home.

My bowl of combination pho.

That day was pretty awesome. Ate all day without guilt because everyone was eating haha.


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