Story Time

Big Letter, Small Letter

I was watching a Korean show called High Kick Through the Roof and there was a scene where the mother was helping the daughter with her homework. It made me think back to when I was in elementary school and wondered if my parents helped me with my homework. (They didn’t really because they were usually really busy.) Then it made me recall the time in kindergarten when I looked at my classmates’ homework.

We were learning how to write alphabets and I saw the way my classmates were writing their letters.  They wrote their letters small while mine were huge. My letters took up the whole square. Since their letters were small, I thought it was so cute I wanted to start writing small.

When I was at home, my dad was watching over me while I did my homework. I was writing small and checked my dad’s expression to see if he thought it was okay. He smiled and nodded only because I was doing my homework correctly. I don’t think it matter to him if I wrote my letters big or small.

I don’t remember if I continued to write that way. It probably was too unnatural for me.

Yeah, that was a random story but I remember it like it was yesterday.


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