October 6th – Lands End, San Francisco

My sisters and I took a trip out to Lands End in San Francisco with my two nephews. Originally we had planned to go to Kirby Cove, but my older sister suggested going to Lands End instead.  The sky was clear with the occasional smoke trails from the Blue Angels jets that were practicing for a show.

Driving to Lands End reminded me that I really do need to explore more of SF instead of going to the usual tourist traps (Japantown, Pier 39, Chinatown, Union Square…). There’s so much more to SF than those areas.


Anyway, there weren’t many people at Lands End. Maybe it’s because we went on a Thursday.  We headed out going down towards the water and walked along the cliff. The pathway was pretty wide so there was no worries about falling off.  We headed further down a steep path where I had to hold onto my nephew since he was scared and then headed into a cave.  The cave didn’t really lead to anywhere since the other end was fenced off.  We turned back and headed to the actual hiking trail which consisted of lots of inclining stairs.

img_0331 This was at the side of the cave.

The hike included gorgeous views of the SF bay and a new view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


After basking in the view of the GGB, we decided to head down to a beach since my nephews love going to the beach.  We had to walk down sandy stairs while holding onto a kid. There were a whole bunch of rocks stacked up on top of each other which I didn’t really care for to be honest.


We couldn’t do much because of the rocks.

We left the beach after probably 30 minute of resting and headed back up the sandy steps to another area. This area gave another great view of the GGB.  There was a circular design made out of rocks on the ground. I didn’t know what the hell it was supposed to be.  I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be.


We had to hike up some more stairs and decided to call it a day since my nephews were getting worn out and my other sister was waiting for back at my older sister’s house.

I would love to come back but without kids. And better fitted shoes. I kept slipping inside my shoes which hurt my toes.


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