October 21st – Apple Hill, Placerville

This was a short, random trip. My sister, Sophia, wanted to go to Apple Hill to get some pastries and apple cider. My sister, Vickie, and I both worked at 3PM that day so it had to be fast. Honestly I was going to back out since we left an hour later than planned (Sophia’s fault).

I haven’t been to Apple Hill since 3rd grade. The only thing I remember about that trip was eating apple pie. We were apparently behind schedule so we had quickly eat our apple pie. Yeah.

Anyway, it took about an hour to get there. The weather was pretty nice. Bright, blue skies and it was warm. Apple Hill is like a flea market. There’s a lot of crafts for sale and of course, apples. I actually don’t even like apples. The taste is okay but the crunchy texture is something I’ve never been a fan of.

We ate lunch once we arrived. We decided to do tri-tip sandwiches which was alright. It came with a bag of chips and a drink. I’m pretty sure the meat finished cooking a while ago since it wasn’t even warm! Since it was lunch time, all the elementary students were going to have their lunch too. At least we got a picnic table before anyone had arrived.


After eating, we decided to get the hell out of that area and went to the restroom where they had the coldest sink water. I wonder if it came from the mountains lol. We walked around and eventually got some pastries. Sophia got her apple fritter that she wanted and I got an apple donut with sprinkles.


There was a huge pond where everyone had gathered around to relax and eat. We sat on a bench along the pond and devoured our treats and people watch. Sophia wanted to leave and head somewhere else down the road but first she had to buy her apple cider.


While she was while she was waiting in line, I decided just to check out what was on sale.

We headed out to Boa Vista Orchards which was 5 minutes up the road. It was basically the same at Apple Hill except there was a pumpkin batch across the street. There was a lot of apples again and same merchandise on sale. Sophia treated us by buying some scented salts. I bought a birthday present for Diana.

We left around 1PM since Vickie and I had to work soon.

Would I go again? Probably not, for a while. It’s definitely not worth the one hour drive. And Boa Vista is opened year round. If I really wanted something from there, I would go some other time besides fall.

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