Hiking at Hidden Falls Trail + Random Trip

A few weeks ago, a few friends and I decided to go hiking at Hidden Falls Trail in Auburn. It was my first time ever hiking so I had some expectations of how it was going to go down. We left Sacramento around 7:45AM and got there around 8:45AM. It was a really easy drive. And I’ve honestly never been up that far up in California. I need to explore more.

Anyway, it was super bright and sunny that day with crisp, fresh air. The trail started downwards which I thought would be easy but it was a lot harder. I had just started practicing yoga that week and was breathing in too deeply which caused a bit of a sore throat. Walking downwards didn’t help at all since my head was always pointed down so I could see where I was going.  My thighs were burning too since I had to have a strong grip against the ground so I wouldn’t slip. Plus I wore the wrong pair of underwear. I wore my pair that kept slipping down. I don’t know why I still have it haha.


We eventually passed a small stream where we took a small break. Just listening to the water flow by was quite refreshing.


We continued to walk for a while until we reached a big waterfall.


We weren’t standing on rocks to view the waterfall. There was a platform made of wood for people to bask in the view. We took another rest there for 10 minutes and decided to head out…to Reno. It was only because we were apparently half way there, might as well just go for a random trip. I had never been to Reno either so that day was a first time for everything.

Hiking took a little over an hour. I had expected it to be a bit longer…like an all day activity. But I’m glad that I was wrong. I was tired! And I brought more than what I needed: mosquito repellent, sunscreen, bandages, pain killers…but better safe than sorry.

We arrived in Reno around 12:30PM and my friends were eager to tell me all about the casinos since they come to Reno very often. We spent 6 hours there before we decided to leave only to find out that westbound I-80 was closed due to a homicide on the freeway! We decided to go to Boomtown and wait until it opened up again.

I eventually searched for updates and the freeway was going to be closed for another three hours. There was another way home which would take us to Lake Tahoe and that would also take three hours. We decided to just leave around 8:30PM and didn’t get back until 11:30PM!



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