Final Senior Project

I’ve been meaning to upload and share my senior project that I completed during my last semester of university for a while now. I just never had the motivation to write a post about it. I didn’t think much of it after I finished. I thought it was just too simply put together. I didn’t research much like I was required to. And the text were pulled out of my ass.

But after reflecting about it months after it was complete, I realized that I did work my ass off bringing everything together.  Drawing sketches, buying supplies, “researching”, late night/last minute photographing, Photoshopping, coming up with haikus, and other tasks…it was really nerve-racking. I was putting so much work into that I ended up afraid that it wouldn’t come out the way I envisioned it. I always tried to make every shoot be the final shoot, but of course it doesn’t work out that way. There are always revisions, always. Tons of them. I guess I was just trying to take a short cut. Okay, I’m just rambling. Without further ado, my project:

My artist statement:

My series unofficially began when I purchased a bag of fruit flavored Market Pantry Rainbow Sour Strips.  They’re small strips of chewy candy in four different colors that could be assumed to indicate their flavors.  While eating, I thought, “Why doesn’t the green piece taste like lime? Where’s the cherry flavor? Why do they all taste the same?”

My photographs explore my interest in the relationship of colors in fruits and their fruit flavored candy counterparts.  When a piece of candy is a specific color, it is assumed that it is going to taste like a specific fruit flavor.  The artificial color and flavor are added to candy to represent a natural flavor that comes from a fruit.  By using a variety of candies, I explore this connection through creating a design that takes the essence of the real fruit and translating it into a visual form.  I incorporate haikus into the photographs to detail the experience of eating the fruit.  Haikus are short, simple, and sweet which also describes the experience of eating candy.

Out of all the ideas I brainstormed to be a final project, I chose this one. I don’t remember why it outshined my other ideas.

Well I just looked back to my journal that I thought we were supposed to write and one of the ideas that I written down was photographing sound. I was so into Arthur Dove at that time and his Foghorns painting. I loved the idea of turning sound into a visual form…but instead of sound, I decided to turn taste into a visual form.

Originally, I planned to just take the easy way out and stick my photos on some Coda mount board. But in the end, I presented my final photographs in 14×18 picture frames that were spray painted to match the main color used in each photograph. It was heavily suggested that I do so.  I was a bit unwilling to do it because I had never spray painted anything in my life. Once again I was afraid of disappointment. Plus picture frames were expensive! Each one costed $33.

Spray painting the frames were a disaster! I had only a week to gather all of my materials, prime my frames, and then color them. And it turned out horribly.  The coating wasn’t even. The paint flaked. The frame got stuck onto the paper I was laying them on to dry. I was stressing out like crazy that week. But I think my professors appreciated the fact that I actually tried this idea.

I wanted to present my piece in the annual senior show, but since the frames didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I couldn’t display them.

It was one hell of a roller coaster that I would love to do again. I still have many ideas up my sleeves that I’m trying to plan out. I don’t know if they will be anything big or serious, but I know I want to keep shooting and creating photographs.

After the semester ended, I did a huge clean up. I took the photos out of the frames and toss the frames and glass away. They were too ugly to be kept.  And I decided to toss nearly all of my photo assignments. I tossed nearly all of my photo supplies as well. I just didn’t want them. They were cluttering my space.



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