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Random Rambles

Last week I became a first time juror which only lasted two and a half days. I was pretty shocked when I was chosen.  I wanted to drop my jaw when my name wasn’t called to be dismissed. But I had to keep my composure and bite my lip down from laughing it off. It was a good experience though but I wouldn’t want to do it again. I missed two days of work which I won’t get paid for. Just sitting to the side and listening to the witnesses talk was tiring as well. And I was lucky that the trial was only 2 and a half days. I overheard a man talk on the phone saying that his trial was 6 weeks long!

I also decided not to read some of my books that I checked out and wrote about on a previous post. I returned Number the StarsYELL-Oh Girls!, and Journey Home. I actually finished Journey Home but decided to give up on the other two. I had checked out too many books.

There’s a small bit from Journey Home that reminded me of what I used to do in middle school:

Yuki often carried conversations who were hundreds of miles away, because she felt if she had just concentrated hard enough the message from her brain would somehow reach theirs, no matter where they were.” Page 6

There was a boy I had a crush on in middle school and whenever the radio played a love song, I’d face the radio to the window so that the song would reach the boy wherever he was. I’d also whisper whatever I wanted to say to him out the window so that the wind would carry my words to him.

He did eventually find out about my crush on him although I don’t remember how. I’d say “hi” to him a few times but he’d always ignored me. I did see him at a night club a few years later and he looked the same. Just taller.


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