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Seattle Vacation Part V – August 1

This was our last day in Seattle. We decided to spend the day downtown since I wanted to go to the Great Wheel located at the pier. We checked out of the hotel by 12PM and headed there. For convenience,  we parked at the same parking structure from our last trip downtown. The Great Wheel was only a few blocks down plus a steep staircase away. The walk wasn’t bad though since it was sunny and breezy!

pier1Nice, clear blue sky that day!

pier2Lots of construction going on downtown.


A ticket was $13 which is not bad at all. Since it was a Monday, there wasn’t much of a wait.


Honestly, we were Facetiming with my nephews while we were in there since my mom was freaking out so bad. We were all more preoccupied with that than basking in the view haha. And it was getting really, really warm inside since the sun was hitting us at all angles and there was no air circulating. It went around three times before we had to get off.

After the Great Wheel, we went exploring around the pier, trying to look at some gift shops that were available. There was a pirate gift shop at the corner, but since I don’t care for pirates, I wasn’t in there for too long.

We decided to head towards the aquarium since there were some seating spots close by.


Some views from the sitting area…after bumming around for a bit, we decided to go back to Pike Place Market because I wanted to see the famous gum wall! Luckily it wasn’t packed like Friday but there were still lots of people. And after going up and down stairs and being frustrated, Sophia found the gum wall which was only a staircase away.


It was really low light, only because it was still the afternoon. And I wasn’t there for long since some people wanted to leave the area. It smelled really fruity though. But right before Sophia found the gum wall, I threw away my gum out of frustration so I didn’t have anything to contribute.

pikeplace2pikeplace1Beautiful bouquets of flowers on sale at Pike Place Market. My mom wanted me to take pictures of them.

After that, we decided to walk around the area and explore more shops. I eventually bought some ice cream at a Dreyer’s shop. And since no one else was contributing ideas on what to do, Sophia eventually ended the day there at 4PM and went to the airport.

We had to wait a few hours for our departure at 9PM so we sat around at the airport. I was beginning to go crazy but my feet were so tired that I couldn’t do anything.


The sunset.

I was excited about getting a window seat. I really wanted to see all the lights but of course, there ain’t shit north of Sacramento. I saw Chico though haha.

And that concludes my Seattle trip. I’m debating whether or not I would want to venture up there again. Maybe with a different crowd and better plans. I wouldn’t want to do the Space Needle again. It’s such an expensive activity with a subpar view. But I would want to explore downtown Seattle a bit more.


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