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Seattle Vacation Part IV – July 31

Kubota Garden was one of the stops on my list for Seattle. I didn’t think we’d be able to go because I thought our days would be jam packed.  I don’t know whether it was a good or bad thing that we didn’t have too much plans lol.

I was a bit afraid that there wouldn’t be any parking available since my research indicated that parking was filled quickly and since we were going on a Sunday, I thought it would be true. Luckily there were plenty of parking spaces available. The garden is also located in the middle of a neighborhood.

It was an overcast day but it was quite warm.


As you could tell from the pictures, it was super green! I didn’t think it’d be this green…and open. I’ve been the the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, which is green as well, but it’s not as open like Kubota.

There’s options of small trails throughout Kubota that lead deep into the vegetation. (Is that even the right term? lol) I attempted to explore a path until my left cheek touched a spider web that had a spider present. I totally ran out of there when I saw the spider.


It was beautiful but I wasn’t ready for all the bugs and spiders.

As we explored further, we came across rock formations and water and those highly arched Japanese bridges.

kabuta07They drained the pond the day before…


There were various small waterfalls.

kabuta09This is where the water lead to.


This is a koi pond which had a few koi. There were also a lot of bugs that looked like daddy long legs.

This garden was very serene. I would definitely like to come back on a sunnier day.

Our next stop was to the Bellevue Botanical Garden located in Bellevue. Sophia had actually looked this one up. It’s just as green as Kubota.


I forgot what this was call. The “Rock” something. It’s located to the right of the entrance. This is where we began and ended our exploring.

bellevue02There were a lot more flowers here than at Kubota.


Exploring the garden felt like walking in Yosemite…I imagine. Lots of tall trees and dirt paths.

There was a small cafe where we had order two drinks. I ordered a peach Italian soda which was just peach syrup, half and half, and club soda.  The barista told me to let him know if I needed more syrup which was nice of him. Sophia ordered a caramel macchiato that turned out to be really sweet. After we were done being explorers, Sophia wanted to head downtown where there was a fatass mall.

There were so many people there since there was an art festival going on. There were a lot of art to look at and buy plus a ton of food vendors! I bought a cup of clam chowder that had juicy shrimp in it and it was delicious! We eventually headed into the mall where I did a lot of waiting because I didn’t want to shop around. We were just killing time before we headed to Boiling Point for an early dinner.

There was a 30 minute wait for Boiling Point which was apparently too much of a long wait for some people, but we finally were able to get seated. I ordered the Japanese miso soup which was decent. Actually it was kind of bland. I kind of regretted by decision lol It was a lot of food though and I had left a lot.


We decided to head back to the hotel and call it an early day since some people were getting restless. My mom had suggested getting pizza for a late dinner. Sophia ended up ordering two pizzas at one of those Pieology type places which wasn’t that feeling but I guess it satisfied my mom’s craving. And that’s how we ended our last full day in Seattle.



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