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Seattle Vacation Part III – July 30

We didn’t really do anything this day. We were running out of ideas already.

But I did want to go to some local flower gardens so we decided to drive about 1 or 2 hours up north and visit Roozengaarde. I believe my aunt and uncle visited a few months earlier during the blooming of tulips.

It was a really nice day, temperature wise. It seemed a bit hazy.

roozengaarde01This is at the front of the garden on the left side.

roozengaarde02This was super cute in real life.

roozengaarde03A circle of flowers filled that was filled with bees.roozengaarde05


Yeah…we didn’t do much here. We took a lot of photos though but there wasn’t much to do since the tulips weren’t in bloom anymore. We probably spent only an hour here and left.

Next we stopped by a small flea market. There were food and live music. I bought a quesadilla and some enchiladas from a Mexican woman. They were okay, not the greatest, but the homemade tortillas really made the dishes.

There was a shopping outlet on the way back so we stopped there as well. It was really big and clean. There were a lot of Chinese people too, which I’ll assume were from Vancouver.

We decided that that would be the last stop of the day, and it was only 2PM? While we were on the freeway, I suggested that we go to H-Mart since it was on the way and there’s none around Sacramento. So we went there and bought some of those spicy Korean noodles and some pastries along with snacks and drinks.

For dinner, we went back to the local mall to have dinner since we couldn’t decide on a place and we weren’t really excited to try anything new. I think we were all wanting to go home soon.



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