Seattle · Vacation

Seattle Vacation Part IIB – July 29


Off to the Space Needle!

But before that, we had to put more parking time at the public parking lot. We paid for one hour more so we had to be back by 2:14PM.

We queued at the line and it was long! They had us take a group photo first that would be available at a kiosk at the top. We headed to the elevator and finally went up. The elevator ride takes 41 seconds to reach the top and I don’t have any photos of it because I just wanted to bask in the view.

The top has different interactive kiosks where you can view your group photo and record where you’re from. We headed straight outside once we reached the top where there were a ton of people already.

Here’s some of the views from the top:


I thought we were able to see more of downtown, but since the Space Needle was a little outside of that area, we weren’t able to see much. We also had to rush since our parking time was going to expire soon.

Our next stop was to Pike Place Market!


It was mad busy! So many people everywhere. Ass to crotch traffic haha! Plus it being super hot that day didn’t help.

The first thing we did was wait for some famous fish throwing action done by the Pike Place Fish Co.


We only saw them throw it once. And it went by really fast. Too fast to enjoy it to be honest lol. I guess it’s more entertaining if more people were ordering fish. My mom and Linda weren’t too impressed either, but whatevs.

We walked around some more…this is the only picture I took because it was so crowded!


We ended up at a ramp that was connected to a parking garage, but we didn’t park there so we went back.

Sophia said that Pike Place Chowder was nearby so we headed that way since I wanted to try it out. It was a 5 minute walk and we had to wait in line in the bright sun. But the wait wasn’t too long, probably 15 minutes?

We ordered two whole lobster rolls and a bread bowl with New England clam chowder along with two drinks but they gave us four. It turned out to be nearly $70!


The bread bowl was delicious! I forgot to add black pepper to the clam chowder because I love adding black pepper to it. And the soggy bread inside the bowl was absolutely phenomenal! I didn’t try the lobster roll because I was preoccupied with my food.

After that, we decided to end the day early and head back to the hotel. I completely forgot about the gum wall as well. For dinner, we went to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant.



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