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Seattle Vacation Part IIA – July 29

I’m splitting this day into two posts, PartIIA and Part IIB. This post will be about the Chihuly Glass Garden.

Our first stop for the day was the famous Space Needle! It was the first thing my mom suggested that we do and once we got there, my mom discovered that it was super tall and became scared.


This is on our way to the Space Needle. Can you see it on the left? And that is downtown Seattle, of course.

Once we arrived, we went straight into the ticket line. We probably waited around 20 minutes? The sun was straight above our heads so we couldn’t really tilt our heads up to look at the Space Needle. Vickie played Pokemon Go and took over the Space Needle for about a second. Still pretty cool, though.

It was $46 for entrance into the Space Needle and Chihuly Glass Garden per person. I kept pronouncing it “Chichuly” until I saw the actual spelling haha. One thing we didn’t know what that when you buy the tickets, there’s a specific time assigned to you for entrance into Space Needle. Ours was at 1:30PM and we bought tickets around 11:45AM, so we had A LOT of time to kill and ventured into the glass garden first.

Honestly, I wasn’t too thrilled about going there, but since we were here, might as well go. But once we got inside and saw the glass sculptures, I was blown away!


This was outside of the entrance to Chihuly on the left. It was an insanely bright day. I’m not sure what that building is though.


This is the first sculpture you seen once you enter. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? The yellow are different sea creatures.  I was so busy looking around and taking photos that I didn’t read any of the information on the walls XD


This was to the right of the previous sculpture. It’s probably about 3 feet? It’s not that big.

We went into a room that had multiple colorful glass objects placed onto glass ceiling with light shining through.


There was great AC in this room!

The next room had a combination of glass sculptures placed all together in the middle.

Following that were sculptures hung from the ceiling.



And then sculptures placed in a boat…


The end of the building has a room with windows as walls where the next hanging sculpture is displayed. It was my favorite out of everything I saw.


That’s the end of the glass sculptures inside the building. There’s a lot more but this is all I manage to take a photo of. There’s also a cafe inside as well. Moving onto the outside portion…


Looks like sperm lol


Can’t say too much about the outside portion. It was so freaking bright that I couldn’t even open my eyes. And it was hot. But I read that it does light up at night. I’m sure that would be nice to see.

We were probably in there for about an hour and half? Or maybe just an hour? We left the garden and headed to an open area were there were some seating available. There were some stalls selling food like hotdogs and shaved Hawaiian ice. I decided to order some shave ice, which ain’t shit by the way, and sat underneath the shade to wait for time to pass. We Facetimed my nephews as well lol.

That’s the end to this post!


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