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Seattle Vacation Part I – July 28

I went on vacation in Seattle that began July 28 through August 1st. Initially I had planned to go during my birthday weekend two weeks earlier, but my sister Sophia was going to be in Washington DC that week. A lot of people asked if I had went with friends but nope, I went with my family: my sisters Vickie, Sophia, and Linda and my mom. I guess it’s rare to go on vacation with your family nowadays? And everyone kept asking if I had family in Seattle. Is Seattle not a vacation hotspot? lol

I’m going to break this down into four or five parts so my entries won’t be so long although I will be going into detail. Let’s begin!

I pretty much brought up Seattle everyday for a whole month before the trip. I was so excited! It was a birthday/graduation present to myself. And I scheduled the flight back in February or March, I can’t remember. I wasn’t too hyped up for it during school because I had to focus on graduating or else I didn’t deserve the vacation. And the only reason why I booked Seattle was because Southwest was having one of their sales and tickets were extremely cheap!

Our flight was boarding at 9:25AM and it was an overbooked flight. I believe one man had volunteered to give up his spot.  It was only 1hr 25 minute flight so it wasn’t so bad. I did get bored though. And me and Vickie had to sit next to an elderly woman lol.

When we arrived in Seattle, it was really warm! According to Snapchat, it was 77 degrees! I was hoping for an overcast sky but there was not a single cloud in sight! Everyone keeps saying how Seattle had bipolar weather, but it wasn’t true that day.

Once we got our rental car, we headed to the hotel and was able to check in early. We stayed at a Residence Inn in Tukwila which wasn’t too far from the airport. There was a 7-Eleven in the same parking area so Vickie and I bought some snacks since my mom wanted something to drink. After we got settled in and had a small rest, we headed to the local mall to grab a small meal to eat. The food court had a Korean option so we ate that. It was pretty good lol. We just ordered rice bowls. The food court also had huge windows which allowed you to see the top of Mount Rainier. Actually that mountain is visible everywhere.

After we ate, my sisters and my mom went shopping. I wanted to rest for a bit because I had flip flops and those aren’t the most comfortable things to wear when you’re standing for so long. I went back to the food court and stole a man’s table lol. He was heading there but I got it first. Unfortunately, my phone died even though it was at 30%! I had to reunite with my sisters at H&M. I hate that store because my sisters take FOREVER in there.

We walked around the mall, and I mean AROUND the mall. Hell, I was so tired. We went to JC Penneys, then to Macys, and then to Nordstrom and you know those stores are located at the opposite sides! And I didn’t know that were were so many Filipinos that lived in the area. There was a Seafood City attached to the mall!

We finally headed back to the hotel after two hours and rest for two more hours. A seafood buffet was on the menu for dinner that night and of course it was my idea! It was a typical Chinese/Japanese buffet but it was actually really good. I discovered it while exploring what was around the hotel via Google maps.  And it had a lot of great reviews so I wanted to check it out. Vickie ate so much sashimi. I had a lot of seafood. At least 4 plates? At the end of the meal, I had one bite of a frog leg and that made me stuffed for some reason. I had to stop there. And for four people, the bill ended up being over $100! But at least the food was good.

After the buffet, we made a stop at Target that was located across the street from the mall we went to earlier. We just bought a back of water and some snacks. I bought a swimming bottom since it was going to be warm that weekend and my sisters were planning to swim at the hotel pool.

Linda was flying into Seattle that night so Sophia and I went to pick her up around 10PM. Traffic was BAD! We went there 3 minutes too early and had to go around the airport to enter the arrival section again. It took us an hour just to get back there. Once we picked up Linda, we headed back to the hotel and went to sleep.

That concludes day one! I didn’t take any pictures since we weren’t going to do much that day.


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