Today marks one week that I walked the stage.  After I “walked”, I realized that this whole thing was just  a waste of time…and money!  I heard that there were some people who decided not to attend the ceremony.  Maybe they thought it would be a waste of time, too?  Or maybe it was just how awful the ceremony was.  The president of the school…I don’t know what was wrong with him. He could not articulate at all!  Mumble jumble…saying random shit.

I spent most of the sitting down time just on my phone, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, looking at the constant updates and checking all the notifications I was receiving. I posted a selfie and captioned it “Just finished walking” and gained a ton of likes.

I’ve been constantly bombarded with the dreadful question, “What are you going to do next?”

What am I going to do next? What am I going to do now?

“I don’t know.”

And I think that is an okay answer to that question. It’d be great if I could actually give an answer to that question, but honestly, graduation came up really quickly. I knew that after I transferred, I was going to graduation in two years.  That two years went by so fast. I really wasn’t prepared. But for what? Real life? Supporting myself? My family?

“What type of photography are you going to do?”

None of that portraiture/wedding stuff, that’s for sure.  That’s what most people think of when you hear someone studying photography.  I don’t know how to explain to people what I’m planning to do with photography.

None of that overly processed landscape stuff, not that I’m saying it’s bad or anything, but I’m not interested in that either.

I’m going to photograph whatever the hell I want. That’s the end of that.

Okay, lame fail! I reread a few of my past entries and realized that tomorrow marks one week, not today. Dumbass.


I’ve been losing a lot of hair lately. I’m a bit worried. I always lose a lot of hair, but it’s always in the shower that I notice it. These days I find them tickling my arm or poking through my shirt.

And I have so much to do by the end of this week. I know I need to be in a constant movement, but I can’t help but stand idle.


I’m Back

Nearly a year later, I’m back…for now.

I searched my name in the Google search engine and this blog popped up.

leslievuewow. Kind of lame lol. Oh well, I’ll stick with it.

I’m almost done with school. This is the last week of instruction and next week are finals. I actually only have one, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be stressed out. I have my entire senior portfolio due by Friday, a photograph for the senior show due Tuesday (which I haven’t begun making my final edits), an 8 page paper due next Tuesday, and an actual final next Wednesday.

Then next Saturday is the big graduation ceremony followed by a BBQ. Can’t wait!